The Challenge 
• Competition is tough for many chronic diseases 
• Compliance to industry regulations is non-negotiable 
• Sales and marketing efforts are not producing the results they did just a few years earlier
• Time constraints on the practice and managed care pressures on providers continue to rise 

The Objective (General): 
Experienced HealthSTAR CES educator will be utilized at the practice level to create a paradigm shift in how healthcare providers deliver care, while offering practitioners and their staff the tools to improve patient care. 

The Goal (Specified): 
Working for a top-tier pharma company with over 27,000 primary care practices, a national team of clinical educators were developed to help providers and support staff improve the management of patients with diabetes, throughout the program, the efforts of the clinical educators were conducted according to nationally recognized standards of care. 

The Actual Results: 
•The HealthSTAR CES team exceeded goals by enrolling more than 26,000 physicians into a comprehensive education program 
• The HealthSTAR CES team delivered over 200,000 educational sessions to physicians, staff members and patients 
•HealthSTAR CES consistently averaged four to five educational sessions each day, which averaged 46 minutes per session 
• 99.3% of returned physician surveys reported that the HealthSTAR clinical educator scored "excellent" or "good" ratings in delivery of services and clinical competency 

The clinical educator teams at HealthSTAR CES work with healthcare practitioners to impact prescribing behavior. They also work with patients to educate and inspire them to optimize their healthcare outcomes.









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